How would you like to own a set of ready-made teaching units which really get your students talking? Our motivation to posses such materials led us to create The Art of Small Talk. With these pragmatic materials learners build up their confidence and lose their inhibitions. This method has proved most efficient for both trainer and learner who expand their vocabulary and greatly improve their fluency.

The Art of Small Talk focuses on everyday topics for practising English as a foreign language. The 360 cards in The Art of Small Talk help learners of English to build up their confidence and lose their inhibitions.

The Art of SmallTalk book cover image

With English as today’s lingua franca and as the main vehicle for doing business internationally, students find the practice we provide for small talk indispensable. This book aims at creating an arena in which natural conversation can take place on a variety of topics. Students practise vocabulary connected to certain topic areas in a semi-authentic context and the questions supplied can be used for many future conversations. By practising small talk in a non-risk situation such as this, students will improve their self-confidence and fluency.

Students often communicate in a business context quite effectively, but even after several years of instruction many learners still feel that they have a problem joining in with small talk. The reason for this is not very evident. Could it be because we are never really taught the skill of small talk or is it a deeply felt fear of strangers and unpredictable situations?

Small talk is basically about finding common ground and drawing people out. It is essential in creating and enriching business and social relationships.

The activities in ‘The Art of Small Talk’ aim to create this common ground.